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Crescent Flowers Crescent Flowers

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Overall - impressive.

It's complex. Very much so - and I can only begin to imagine what the Piano Roll looks like for the channels. The individual melodies are clean, and pleasant, and I can hear that the track tells a story - whether this is intentional or not, I don't know.

However, there are a few things that I noticed while listening to this, chief among them is that all of the notes are playing at the same velocity, or at the very least, similar. This makes it sound like it is in fact a machine and not a real piano - and one of the things that FLStudio's keys generators have going for them is that they sound very real, especially with the inclusion of variable velocity on the individual key presses. If you were playing a piano in real life, you wouldn't press all the keys with the same force, and that allows you to simulate that...

Second - while the main melody is really rather pleasent, and the secondary melodies are as well, there is some dissonance between them, which, in some cases is ok, but not for this type of track. It makes it sound... off, like one part was not written for the other, and someone is blending them on the fly.

Finally (i know, I'm going on forever) there are parts of the track that, if played in real life, would require at least two people at the piano. This isn't bad, it just breaks down the sense of reality in listening to the track.

I hope that this criticsm doesn't come off the wrong way - the progression and the melody are both quite nice - it just needs some touching up =]

Quick not on dissonance: If you ever have an opportunity to do this it helps. A lot. Get together with a friend and have them sing a solid note. Doesn't matter wich one. Then, you, match it. If you are both sounding the same note, in your ears, it will sound like one solid note. Then raise (or lower) your note until you can feel an amost harmonious wave from one note to the other - that's harmony and both of these are resonance. Now raise (or lower) again, until you feel a warbling, or even, in some cases, a very unpleasent stuttering, not unlike having a window open to the "annoying threshold" n a car - where the air makes a repetitive thumping sound. That's dissonance, and that's what's happening with some of your "right-hand" notes on this piano track. Not severe, but still there.

Overall, though, not a bad piano track. and I hope my comments are helpful =)

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DJames50 responds:

thanks.... i apreciate your comments.... it was my first time i made piano riff that since i'm bored to make music creations....

well next time i will make another piano riff with more blending tunes....

anyway thanks for outstanding review..... :)

-Jumper- -Jumper-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Don't do this to me waterflame!

Let's see:

This page has been open in FireFox since 12:30. It's now 2:05. I had my xbox SITTING with this track playing for about an hour the other night. My Knight got bored for crying out loud.

This is ridiculous.

I usually get sick of music after hearing it about 3 times, but not this track, oh no, heaven FORBID i get sick of this track. It's absurd. It's so unbelievably happy that i just can't make myself turn it off. I find myself doing some little goofy weird bopping dance every once an a little while. It's sick. It's making me sick, and i JUST CAN'T GET SICK OF IT!

It has increased my work productivity, i'll give you that.

Seriously, such a simple, easy going, clean track that hasn't got a single negative aspect to it anywhere. Dangerously addictive. It's like banana phone without the death. This track is unbelievably awesome.

I love it.

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Ignorance is Bliss (remix) Ignorance is Bliss (remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it!

It's really good, the original track is nice for one thing...

And what you've done to it works out quite nicely.

It's rather short, but i think you've done a really good job of holding true to (what sounds like the original) and adding a pretty sweet, kind of retro techno beat to the mix.

The melodies blend quite well..


Metroid -Electro Brinstar [XD] Metroid -Electro Brinstar [XD]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well, that just works.

You can't beat old video game tracks for material to work with, that whole nostalgia thing you know...

The remix is nice, and i can identify it with the original almost throughout the whole thing.

Very nice, keep it up!

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Sephirot24 responds:

You can identify with it? Cool ^^

Thanks for the review man! =D


Stampuhh!! Remix Stampuhh!! Remix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ok, its pretty good

I like this, it's pretty cool.

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but at the beginning, it sound like your buffer is underrunning during the render.

Overall, i really like the beat and the whole thing is just hard and intense with the bass and all.

Good track, i like it, like to see how it finishes when you get done with it.

Pyroific responds:

The tempo was supposed to start slow and get faster, so it was intentional!

Maelstrom! Maelstrom!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You got talent

Yeah, tracks getting overlooked in the audio portal is a pretty common occurrence - 17 votes here, 23 votes here.

Wouldn't be surprised if there are twice the audio tracks than flash submissions, and they (the audio) get half as many views...

Overall this is pretty cool, though i have a few critiques...

The melody is a little high-pitched for me, but that's me, the melody is really good, the notes are fine, just really high to me, i imagine this in a club and my ears would be hurting - but what else would happen at a club anyway?

Some notes on points in the track:

at 00:43 there is some melodic clashing, and again at 1:36 - it kinda works, but it just

i like the bass line and the beat, both very nice and the bass track mixes well with the rest.

Overall, really good track, sowing some immense skill there and understanding of how this whole music thing works.

What sequencer do you use?

Phantasmagoria13 responds:

Finally, someone that can give some good advice and take the time to listen to the whole song. I gotta thank you for that! I see what you mean about the melody being high pitched, I was thinking the same thing when I finished it. Im still experimenting with FL Studio, which is what I used to make this, so in the future I hope to be able to figure out how to tone down the melody as you said and improve overall. Thanks again for the review!!

DJS - Chorus Dream DJS - Chorus Dream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow - That takes me back about 5 years...

Please, continue it.

I really like your control of the gating and modulation.

Really solid track nice, beat, awesome highs and the melody is sweet.

Close my eyes, and i'm back in the Underground club NV on spring street 5 years ago, hanging in the chill room while taking a break from van Dyk in the pit.

Awesome dude, keep it up. Please, finish it.

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i waited until midnight i waited until midnight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good!

I really enjoy this track.

It brings to mind an old game for (what is now) Mac OS Classic - Glider Pro.

Light, peppy, clean, just really fun.

I just like listening to it!

YT - before midnight (remix) YT - before midnight (remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Sweet!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is probably the best i've heard on the Portal tonight.

I'm really digging the drops and the crescendos.

The baas and beat are just about spot on.

I know that you said it is a remix, but i haven't heard the original. If the original is anything like this, i'm going to have to go and check out F77's works.

This is pretty sweet!

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Yourz-Truly responds:

word ya thanks i havent posted up anytin on newgrounds for a while cuz u get alot of 0 faggets. thanks. more music soon

The Joker's Ambition The Joker's Ambition

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not really my style, but...

It definately has something to work wth there.

I think it's a bit slow, but that's me, and there's a lot of hits in there, not necessarially a bad thing, it just overwhelms you a bit, as do those rising Brass Crescendos - not to mention that they are a bit painful when wearing headphones...

There seems to be some clipping around 2:20 as well.

The bells, though,, seemed a bit out of place.

It's definately dark, and it works for a "Joker" themed song - i assume from batman, if so, you hit the feeling about right.

kadetfunky responds:

Yes, I felt it was slow as well, but I was already over halfway through the song when I realized this. The bells were supposed to be a bit reminiscent of Danny Elfman's Batman score a bit, but I guess it may have just been a bit weird. I tried to fix the weirdness around 2:20, but I couldn't get the transitions to work for the brass or the bass. Also, I'm sorry for hurting your ears. XD

And yes, it's inspired by the Joker from Batman. Thanks for the feedback. :)