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Lightning Line 2 Lightning Line 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I'll be honest....

At first i was thinking "This is goig to be crap." And that these people with 10's were being sarcastic. Maybe they still are, but...

It wasn't crap.

It was a really cool proof of concept for a pretty interesting technique.

I think you should roll with this concept, it's pretty cool. Most people use strobes to annoy people. You, at least i am assuming so, are using the flashing to get a really cool strobe light effect.

Work on this concept, and it could become something really interesting.

Just remember those epilepsy warnings.

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There She Is!! step4 There She Is!! step4

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Amalloc - exceptional as usual.

I've really been enjoying this series. I'm both looking forward to the conclusion - so i can see what happens, because you left a nasty clifhanger there - and dreading it because you won't be making ore of these.

This series has done some serious development and changing of pace from it's inception.

I'm almost left wondering if you had all the episodes written from the beginning or if it's just developed along the way? It seems to tell a story that has evolved in an organic way, i don't know how else to describe it.

Really really good.

I'm assuming that this is a metaphor to some similar situation in real life? But what are the rabbit and cat representing? maybe i'll find out in Step5, or maybe i just haven't realized it yet...

Thanks for the incredible work, and with such emotion! Exceptional.

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[SG] That Was My Wife [SG] That Was My Wife

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i'm in shock

I can't believe that i actually watched an entry that was made by a 'krew' 'clan' 'syndiacte' <whatever> that was actually a) not irritating. b0 not stupid c) well drawn d) entertaining and e) actually worth voting higher than a 0 on.

That was not what i expected when i saw that tag affixed to the front of the name... i was expecting a two second video loop. i was expecting a piconjo. i was expecting a phallus. but not THIS.

Nice change (from the usual crews) guys, that was funny, well drawn, entertaining, and worth my time.

Keep it up.

And it doesn't look like you are abusive in your review responses either!

AxeShades responds:


The Flood! The Flood!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The graphics were very well done, and the sound editing (other than the canned gunshot, which started to grate toward the end there) was very nice, but that's where i have to stop giving you complements.

You've made a lot of points, but you've made points that, for the most part, cannot be backed up, and are based on an extreme hate for our current president...or maybe hatred for republicans? Sometimes these types of hatreds are more deepseated than they look outright.

Now, let me set this straight: I do not agree with everything that the president has done (in fact, i agree with about three of his decisions/actions in the past 3 years, but this is a review, not a political debate), and I am a libertarian, not a GOP before you start make accusations.

HOWEVER, if you are going to make a political statement, especially one that has such outrageous imagery and behavior, it would behove you to either a) set up some backgroud either at the beginning or the end of the film, or b) make some sort of pause, and have an announcer say WHY you had your characture of the president shoot a black man for Because, quite frankly, there is no proof of the president being racist (don't EVEN say katrina - that was mostly media hype, and deep down, you know that - were you there? people from my unit were, and they know what was really going do not, based on this whole film) [PAUSE]

Here's a fact for you

FACT: 12 americans are MURDERED by illegal immigrants daily. an additional 2488 americans are injured or fatally wounded by illegals driving drunk daily. This does include non-hispanic as well as hispanic illegals. The problem? we have no way to effectively deal with this problem because THEY ARE HERE UNDOCUMENTED. we have an immigration policy. It's there for a reason. to protect those of us who choose to pay taxes and support the country that we live in. Don't believe these numbers? oh, maybe you should do some research. start with liberal-filth CNN. even they can't lie about those numbers. they just cover them up. Then check out world net daily...and if you're man enough, Fox News and the Drudge Report.

If you don't back up your statemnts, you end up looking like spanked ass.


Where was i? oh, right killing people. i don't know the president's current views on gays/lesbians all that well, other than that he doesn't agree with it. He bases that decision off of a religeous standpoint, and if he's going to call himeslf a Christian, that means that he has to stand up for what the Bible clearly states as wrong: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable" (Lev 18:22, NIV). Do not fault him for this, "Judge not, lest you yourself be judged." Actually that last bit can apply to your attutude throughtout the ENTIRE film.

Moving on, because at this point, i've forgotten much else of the rest...something about the UN (equally unfounded) and i think one more death...and i'm not watching the film again...the first time and this review are enough of a waste of my time.


Big Oil.

What do you know about commodities? If bush really wanted to help himself out (let's assume that he, personally is still an oil baron, which, because he's the president, he isn't anymore.) or his family, the whole "Iraq for oil" bullshit would make absolutely NO SENSE. The less product you have the more expensive it is. If he wanted to make bucu cash off of oil, he would have EMBARGOED Mideast oil and forced the US to buy his (family's) oil from TEXAS. I was in Iraq for the greater part of a year, and i tell you those people appreciate the hell out of what we are doing. That's a fact.

Halliburton? dick chaney is definately mixed up in that. you get one point.

By the way, the second amendment applies to the state's right to have a militia (the national guard), NOT for the people to own weapons.

Further more, a double barreled shotgun can only fire TWO shots (not three) before having to be reloaded. Watch the flick and pay attention. You'll see.

Mark2000 responds:

Oh god! SNOOOOOOOOORE!!!! I stopped reading after you quoted Leviticus. If I inspired this much dull, witless text I must have really hit a nerve. Mission accomplished.

Fishing in hell Fishing in hell

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Well, the title was a little misleading

It seems like it would be an entertaining flick after seeing the title, but there just wasn't anything "helish" about this one.

Mostly two's across the board, 'cept for interactivity, there wasn't any.

gfx: 3, so-so
style: 2 not a whole lot there...
sound: bland and generic
Violence: I'm tired of this category. who cares? violence is either present or it isn' shouldn't be a rating...but he got eaten, so 2
Inter: already covered that
Humor: wasn't that funny

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toby-b responds:

i understand you if you dont think it was 'helish' enough, that was my vision of hell. please respond and tell me yours, i might make it more helish

Playstation 3 commerical Playstation 3 commerical

Rated 1 / 5 stars

No, i voted 1

So what...that makes me a Nintendo fanboy? no. I voted on the quality of the flash, and quite wasn't funny. Personally i think this whole "fight over what system is better" thing is stupid...they both have their good and bad points, as does the Xbox...Seriously...

for example:
the wii has the full motion control...stuff...and is $249
and the PS3 that's a bonus?

Ok, i'll stop trying to get people to fill the reviews with "but the PS3 has this insanely over-hyped piece of crap!" and "so?! the Wii has THIS insanely over-hyped piece of crap!"

on another note...GET OVER THE VIDEO GAME CRAP. it is an inanimate hunk of plastics and silicone, and who the hell cares which one is better?! Sure the games are fun to play, but PLEASE just buy a console that you enjoy, take it home, and quietly play the stupid thing...and quit telling everyone why it's better and the other one's just SUCK!

But i digress...the movie, yes the movie.

It was too short, but the graphics were well rendered, kind of evening things out there...

The whole thing with the guy hanging himself...i assume because he got a Wii for christmas instead of a preposterous, and far from funny. The directing of the flick was kindof bland...there was something missing that would have granted this a full somber mood...i'm not sure what, but it needs MORE.

Again, it was way too short. From a commercial point of view, either of these two companies tend to run commercials in the 1 minute and up category...their goal to to have something memorable, and you just cannot disseminate enough info in 30 seconds to grab the audience, and this ad would do little more than outrage quite a few people if it showed on national TV. Just not funny, and something like this HAS to be funny to make it worthwhile.

Santa's Chiaman Santa's Chiaman

Rated 1 / 5 stars


See, i love it when i vote 1 or 0 and I get the Saviour animation....

But seriously...i have to agree with Freeze99...the flick was way to short, the animation was spotty, and the backgrounds were...meh...

i mean, there's potential, but it's not being used. It's like a being in a blackout but you don't want to turn on the generator because you don't want to take the time....the power is AVAILABLE...but no one has enough energy or motivation to pull the ripcord and give the juice a boost.

davidmoore responds:

lol I can do much better. Don't worry. I was hoping that this got a score of 1.61 so I could get turd. Anyway, thanks.

Tribute to Saddam Tribute to Saddam

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

ok, so you have your point of view...

however, i have 6 words for you:

Have You Ever Been To Iraq?

I would be willing to wager a hefty amount that you haven't...

Next question...

Do you really trust the American media...or any other for that matter?

Let me tell you this:

I was in the middle east from 2 months before the operation officially started until a YEAR AND A HALF after it had begun, and rest assured, the photos that you showed of Iraq "before the operation" are not accurate. They are what the liberal, corrupt, shock-value media would have you believe. The pictures of after the operation began, like the burned out husk of a car? yeah, that was accurate for the beginning of the operation as well. There is a nice streach down the main hiway that leads to Baghdad where you see nothing but cars and BODIES on the side of the road, and you can see this clearly due to the fact that the guard rails and lights had long since been pilfered as scrap. Odd how all those rusty cars appeard as soon as we moved in, and soo soon after the operation began! I am very suprised that the cars could have rusted in JUST ONE WEEK in a location where the average humidity rarely gets above 20%!

You do know about the bitter conflict between the sunnis and the kurds right? or do you just have extremely selective hearing/reading? Did you know that Saddam gassed his OWN people to test weapons? What about the massacre of innocents in a very pshcyotic response to a minor offense? Sure, he had a more "peaceful" LOOKING reign, but people who are ruled by fear are not living, they are simply avoiding death. The Iraqi power grid, as another example, allowed people about 10 minutes of power a day if they didn't live inside the main city, and if "mr. saddam" would have simply shut off power to his palaces, the savings in energy could have provided much more power to these outlying towns.

When passing through a checkpoint slightly north of Kuwait, my unit passed through a "village" - if you can call it that - that consisted of a few dilapidated houses and a bunch of children drinking frm a swampy marsh - the same bit of running water that the village's sewage drained into - so yes, the children were drinking SHIT, all that was left of that once fertile region where saddam had drained all to marsh land and rivers. Not exaclty the actions of a reightous man.

I'm not trying to defend the operation, nor am i choosing a side. I am simply asking for you to observe the facts before you attempt to make a political statement that could make you look like a complete ASS. Don't trust the media. Interview a ranger. Interview a lineman, call a few british soldiers. But for God's sake DO NOT take the media reports with a grain of salt!

Please, act like an informed individual, and not an idiot before you make ascenine statements, and think for yourself.

Actual score breakdown:

Graphics: Meh

Style: oh, i have an idea! let's bash the president with a slideshow! brilliant!

Sound: Clear but irritating, innapropriate song for this case.

Violence: meh, just pictures of injuries

Inter: N/A

Humor: N/A

Overall: 3. the result of misinformation, lack of creativity, and last, but definately not least, stupidity, this flash earns a 3/10 and a 1/5.

naojason responds:

I didn't know the media held the point of view shown in this movie. I'm just an ass in general. =]

Kurisu #1 Kurisu #1

Rated 1 / 5 stars

ok, then

Um, well.

Where to start.

Sure, you can claim that this movie is just for family, friends, etc., however you posted it to a public site that lives on users rating - anu ultimately determining the fate of - all content that appears on the site. So, you cannot expect that the users of this site will honor the request to treat it as a letter. There are plenty of sites that provide NON-voted content, such as photobucket and youtube that would probably be a better outlet for this type of thing.

Graphics: blah. scanned imaged that were (apparently) take with a digital camera and printed out. why not use the original jpgs?

Style: No comment

Sound: N/A not a 0. my speakers are turned off.

Violence, interactivity: none

humor....ok, some of the photos were...kinda...a little...humnerous...

Overall: wrong site man...wrong site....a good collection for familty to view, but just not on newgrounds. Sorry.

Adolf Hitler: ATWI80D 60 Adolf Hitler: ATWI80D 60

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I'm actually starting to enjoy these....I THINK that Pic is from the city of Ur (where abrahm was born) Been there, that place is hot and generally sucks (iraq, that is)

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Iraq's a great country.