Entry #4

Lol with the clock crew

2010-08-16 00:18:39 by Viros

I wrote this as a review to Strawberry Clock RPG 5 and liked it so much I figured I'd share it with the world =)

[Begin tl;dr]

You know, it took me nearly ten years but I've finally gotten over my "rage" at the audacity that is the clock crew and their inane ability to produce sheer volumes of wasted bytes.

Today I realized... You know what? It really doesn't matter if there are "crews" out there, filling the portal with crap. That is the purpose that the portal serves - to weed out the garbage and the chaff, and leave what is good to get placed in positions of grandeur.

The crews will always be around, peddling their nonsensical putrescence, but, occasionally something of value rises to the top of the slurry.

This is one of those rising-to-the-top-of-the-slurry-things .

I don't know why, but I find this flash unbelievably entertaining. Perhaps it is the commentary on the typical RPG - the overblown takes-20-minutes-to-execute "special moves," the absurdity of shooting 30 rounds or a holy-crap-asplode rocket launcher at an enemy and having them fall to the earth in a heap, only to rise again, with an arbitrary number floating over their head, ready to retaliate with something equally absurd, such as a stampede of smaller versions of themselves or some fantastical dinosaur thing, or perhaps it is just the fact that no matter what i do i simply [emphasis, please] cannot die [/emphasis, please], but this, while simple and 'crappy' by 'elitist crew haters' standards, thoroughly entertained me.

Or, it could simply be the fact that it's midnight, and I should really go to sleep.

But I digress, I did not come here to wax philosophical on the merits and short-comings of the clock crew. I came here to provide 'props' and 'hollas' to the individual that finally made me realize the futility of becoming angry at the actions of a few anonymous individuals on a website that takes in submissions from every corner of the tripple-dub.

The true value of this monster of technology is that there is the freedom for people to create the likes of /b/ and newgrounds portal spam.

'Keep it realz, yo, home slice' and 'don't let the haterz bring ya down.'

/A\V/ -viros

[End tl;dr]

Oh, and kitteh krew still does and always will suck. They're just worthless =)


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2010-08-16 01:10:49

*Wishes there was a "like" button*

(Updated ) Viros responds:

*wishes that "=)" wasn't considered "too short" of a response.*


2010-08-16 01:43:39

No one fucking cares. Clock days over you tool. No one is impressed by the amount of ass and cock you are able to suck/kiss.

(Updated ) Viros responds:

Funny. I don't care about you either. Or your homosexual fantasies. Try harder, one day, they will come true.


2010-08-16 01:44:54


Viros responds:



2010-08-16 01:54:30

suck a dick faggot

Viros responds:

Nah, I'm good. I don't really swing that way. But I believe Spazkid above would take you up on the offer... perhaps you should ask him?


2010-08-16 03:34:40

wow the internet is serious business wut r u talkin bout dude???

Viros responds:

I don't know - I just ramble.


2010-08-16 08:47:27

How do you feel about the Lock Legion :L

Viros responds:

haha I'm good with them too =)


2010-08-16 11:43:58

Funny. I didn't ask you to care about me. From the looks of it im not the chode whos trying to suck off the clock crew.

Viros responds:

Are you still here? I thought you had a date with RedFeather.


2010-08-16 12:29:41

I did. Whats with you and my love life. Dont you have more Reviews to FP post so we all can aww over how awesome you are?

(Updated ) Viros responds:

Yes, the awesomeness is overpowering isn't it? Unfortunately, you'll have to wait at about 13 more days before I can shower you with the awesome again. I believe that you brought up love lives first, but I'm really glad that you and Red are getting to know each other!


2010-08-16 12:50:20

You dont know Red like I do you waste of life. You dont have to do that. Hell, you can fucking copy/paste all your new inspirational reviews right in here! After all, you probably have like mmm..3 Hours till its taken of frontpage and your existence disappears forever.

Viros responds:

You're right, I don't know him as well as you do, and never will. I do not feel any remorse at this thought.

Oh no! Not my existence! My existence hinges on my frontpage position! Oh the humanity!


2010-08-16 14:15:52

I'm spazkids gay lover, faggot. You need to grow your gross newfag ass up and take your homophobic bull shit outside.

Stupid ignorant tool

Viros responds:

Yeah, i wasn't trolling - the original article was in all seriousness. But i'm bored now. have a nice day. =)


2010-12-09 07:16:24

first, while it is on my mind, reading the reviews made my morning they were just so funny. as for the kitteh krew all i want to know is why does fulp allow it i mean all they do is wasted space, as you also said, and this space has to come from somewhere so that means fulp is paying for that space meaning that space is wasted on utter filth. i mean there are a lot of great games out here that have been wrongfully blammed all the while kitteh crew churns out shit after shit