Lol with the clock crew

2010-08-16 00:18:39 by Viros

I wrote this as a review to Strawberry Clock RPG 5 and liked it so much I figured I'd share it with the world =)

[Begin tl;dr]

You know, it took me nearly ten years but I've finally gotten over my "rage" at the audacity that is the clock crew and their inane ability to produce sheer volumes of wasted bytes.

Today I realized... You know what? It really doesn't matter if there are "crews" out there, filling the portal with crap. That is the purpose that the portal serves - to weed out the garbage and the chaff, and leave what is good to get placed in positions of grandeur.

The crews will always be around, peddling their nonsensical putrescence, but, occasionally something of value rises to the top of the slurry.

This is one of those rising-to-the-top-of-the-slurry-things .

I don't know why, but I find this flash unbelievably entertaining. Perhaps it is the commentary on the typical RPG - the overblown takes-20-minutes-to-execute "special moves," the absurdity of shooting 30 rounds or a holy-crap-asplode rocket launcher at an enemy and having them fall to the earth in a heap, only to rise again, with an arbitrary number floating over their head, ready to retaliate with something equally absurd, such as a stampede of smaller versions of themselves or some fantastical dinosaur thing, or perhaps it is just the fact that no matter what i do i simply [emphasis, please] cannot die [/emphasis, please], but this, while simple and 'crappy' by 'elitist crew haters' standards, thoroughly entertained me.

Or, it could simply be the fact that it's midnight, and I should really go to sleep.

But I digress, I did not come here to wax philosophical on the merits and short-comings of the clock crew. I came here to provide 'props' and 'hollas' to the individual that finally made me realize the futility of becoming angry at the actions of a few anonymous individuals on a website that takes in submissions from every corner of the tripple-dub.

The true value of this monster of technology is that there is the freedom for people to create the likes of /b/ and newgrounds portal spam.

'Keep it realz, yo, home slice' and 'don't let the haterz bring ya down.'

/A\V/ -viros

[End tl;dr]

Oh, and kitteh krew still does and always will suck. They're just worthless =)

Respectful Request for audio reviews

2010-04-08 21:18:01 by Viros

While I realize that posting this to the front page has a very good chance of getting my current audio standings to be downvoted to oblivion, I'm going to do this anyway - because I would really appreciate it if i could get some constructive criticism on my work.

So - anyone who wouldn't mind having a listen to some of my audio... actually here's a handy link to follow right here: My Audio, well, I'd really appreciate some feedback so I can improve my work. People DO tend to vote low and carry on (yes, I know, I've ranted on that subject before) without so much as a review stating "Burrr this is teh suxxors" and if it's really that bad, I'd like to know how to improve it.

Quick note on the naming convention:
Tracks that start with X~ are tracks that I particularly hate, are quite old, and honestly, reviewing them would serve little point.
Tracks that start with Viros - are newer or are better (in my ears, anyway) and are still current.
Tracks that start with /A\V/ - are the newest/best (again, IMHO) - and i would LOVE a bit of feedback.

That said - if no one wants to provide feedback, that's fine, I can appreciate that. I'm just trying to improve so that I can a) get better and b) provide more high-quality tracks for others to listen to and use in submissions to newgrounds.

Thanks for taking the time to read this - I really appreciate it.

EDIT: Thanks to those who have taken the time to give me constructive criticism. Your reviews are much appreciated. If you have music on here as well, I will be visiting your pages to listen and review as well! =D


Why so negative?

2008-08-25 01:19:21 by Viros

Ok, so this is going to be a bit on the negative side, and possibly a rant.

What i fail to understand is why people go around and vote a zero on audio submissions - even if they probably don't really deserve a zero - and then fail to provide any constructive criticism, or any comment at all for that matter.

Now, I'm not saying that my music is awesome. I'm not even claiming that my music is good. But i do work a lot at making what i make, like many other people out there, and i feel that we all deserve a LITTLE feedback on our work, even if you don't like it. It's just not appropriate to take something that was ranked at 4.28 and blow it all the way down to 2 something for no apparent reason. I say no apparent reason because, obviously, whoever does this hates the work so much that they can't even bear to type a few words to explain themselves. Yes, it only had two votes, and yes, it seems like this would mean that the author self voted their work twice, but this is not always the case.

20 second OSC loops are typically spam, and most require NO work, but 3-4 minute tracks take a lot longer and require a lot of tweaking and mixing and at least deserve a comment.

I may not be perfect in my review to vote ratio, but i make a point to give a review when i vote 5, and I almost ALWAYS review on non-spam submissions to either portal when i vote 0.

Te other ranks, not so much, or i would have probably dedicated about 4 years of my life to just to writing reviews at this point.

My point is, why can't people be bothered to write a review for a non-spam submission that they heartlessly slammed into oblivion?


Metaphysically speaking...

2007-12-13 00:36:02 by Viros

What's in a track?

Why not tell someone something with the melodies that are laid down on the auditory nerves of the people who are giving you their time, donating a portion of their life, to your expression? If you make music for the sake of making music, you will accomplish nothing, but if you make the music for the sake of expression - if you try to tell a story with the synthesized instruments that you choose to use as your artistic medium, then, perhaps, you can give someone something in return for their time, that ever so precious time.

I've changed my outlook on the way i produce things. I flow through the notes that i generate onscreen, i express feelings that i may have at the time, I cannot put pencil to paper and produce works of beauty, but i believe that i can create work of art with the palette of the mind.

Viros - Galaxies.

A new approach to creating music, at least for me. A new methodology, a new expression. Gone are the days of frustration and anger when i cannot create what i am feeling, what i am seeing in my mind with lead and pulp, gone are the days of garbage in - garbage out music generation.

I've found my art.

Now i can express those images festering in my head, begging for an out, clambering to emerge from the grey expanse of my mind, though instead of visually, i have found a way to express them audibly. Listen to Galaxies and feel the story that was in my head, but could not come out!

Music is my drug, there is no better substitute.